Welcome to Pomona Woods Retreat & Meeting Center

We create the environment for guests to do and be better together.  Our build for purpose retreat center in the forest will enrich your group’s experience.

Time spent in nature relieves stress, restores mental equilibrium, enhances the ability to focus and sustains attention.”

Annie Murphy Paul, author
The Extended Mind: The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain


Pomona Woods was created with a vision to inspire in guests a lasting connection to nature, community and each other. Recent studies are now demonstrating what many people intuitively knew for hundreds of years – being in nature is good for our well-being. Being in nature is proven to reduce stress, increase happiness, relieve attention fatigue and increases creativity. It may even help people to be kind and generous (American Psychological Association, April 1, 2020). Pomona Woods was founded on the belief that no matter what the purpose is for the group gathering, it will be enriched in a myriad of ways by being held in a beautiful forest environment.

We are currently under construction and plan to open late 2024. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates or join the mailing list.

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